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AHT Commercial Refrigeration

AHT is a global leader of commercial refrigeration in the supermarket, beverage and ice cream industries. With a rich history stemming from Rottermann, Austria, the AHT product range could be a fantastic option if you’re looking for a reliable and trusted brand of commercial refrigerator or freezer.

AHT Cooling Systems are a company with a long history in manufacturing. Since 1442, the city of Rottermann has been known for industrial work, documenting iron processing over 500 years ago. This culture of innovation combined with the famous Austrian work ethic translates to the modern-day AHT company we know and love today. They’re just as focussed on manufacturing great products as they were all those years ago!

The product range at AHT Cooling Systems is ideal for the Australian market. Being absolute masters in manufacturing plug-in refrigerators and freezers, overhead cabinets, ice cream chests and more, you’ll find that versatility is a key strength of the AHT product catalogue. Their global knowledge also influences their attention to style; AHT have a heap of different styles of fridge and freezer to choose from, being inspired by flavours and textures from around the world.

AHT Cooling Systems base their business on 4 key philosophies. These are sustainability, energy efficiency, innovation and maximum customer benefit. With these pillars at the forefront of all operations, AHT proudly deliver refrigeration solutions that are better for the environment and for your sales results.

It’s clear that AHT is one the world’s favourite teams for commercial fridges and freezers. To have your business decked out with AHT products, chat with our team at Flexikitch. As one of Australia’s leading full-service hospitality financiers, Flexikitch have the pleasure of providing you with the equipment your business needs to succeed. Contact Flexikitch today to have your business fitted with AHT solutions.