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Anvil Kitchen Equipment

Anvil is one of the most ubiquitous and recognised brand of commercial kitchen equipment. With a fantastic range of quality products, Anvil equipment can be found in kitchens across the globe – a testament to high quality engineering and affordable pricing, which are two main philosophies of the Anvil company.

Anvil was created in South Africa, 1966, and has since gone on to become one of the largest food service equipment companies in Sub Saharan Africa. From head office through to the production facility in West Johannesburg, Anvil employees possess a typical South African work ethic: precision, reliability and overall engineering are the crux of operation.

Anvil boast a wide range of products, able to be used in a wide range of environments. From pizza ovens to boiling tables, meat slicers to refrigerated display units, Anvil’s product catalogue is one of the most diverse on the market. This means that whether you’re running a café, restaurant, deli, supermarket, hospital or hotel, Anvil has the right equipment to cater to your needs.

Anvil products are built to last, offering reliable and durable food service equipment. Affordability is another philosophy of the team at Anvil, believing it shouldn’t be financially draining to set up and run your own business. The Anvil team are here to support you, the same way as you support them.

It’s clear that Anvil offer quality food service equipment which are perfect for a variety of different businesses. If you’re looking to invest in part of the Anvil product range, chat with our team at Flexikitch. We’re one of Australia’s leading full-service hospitality financiers and can provide you with the equipment your business needs to thrive. Contact Flexikitch today to check out the Anvil range.