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Bonnet Névé Commercial Refrigeration

Your business will enjoy modern, innovative design combined with reliability and practicality when you invest in merchandising equipment from the global retailers of Bonnet Névé. A commercial refrigeration company with a long and proud history of success, Bonnet Névé are one of Australia’s favourite manufacturers of retail and hospitality equipment.

Their beginnings date all the way back to 1830, when the original Bonnet company was established, providing professional catering equipment to the city of Lyon, France. In 1930, they moved into the food refrigeration industry and have since been kicking goals all over the world.

Bonnet Névé boast a large range of refrigeration solutions. In their catalogue, you’ll find everything from small plug-in serve-overs, to premium custom-made refrigeration cabinets: even cold-rooms! This makes Bonnet Névé one of the most versatile refrigeration solutions teams, guaranteeing they’ll be able to cater to your needs.

With their European roots, Bonnet Névé focus on product quality, reliability and elegance in every single design. Enjoy the practical benefits of a hard-working, reliable commercial refrigerator while adding a distinctively continental touch to your business. Bonnet Névé are known innovators when it comes to fashion trends in commercial refrigeration.

There’s no wonder why you’re looking to incorporate Bonnet Névé refrigeration in your business. Their long history of success and reputation for excellent service makes them a highly desirable manufacturer of equipment. If you’re looking to fit your business with Bonnet Névé equipment, chat with our team at Flexikitch. As one of Australia’s leading full-service hospitality financiers, Flexikitch are committed to providing you with the equipment your business needs to thrive. Contact a team member at Flexikitch today to have your business fitted with Bonnet Névé products.