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Bromic Commercial Refrigeration

Bromic Refrigeration is one of Australia’s most trusted brands for commercial refrigeration. With a long history of success in the Australian market, Bromic offers reliable products that are proven to be successful in the Aussie climate.

From humble beginnings in 1978, when Bromic began as a gas components supplier, they’ve now grown into an international business that offer quality refrigeration, heating and other solutions to a number of overseas countries. Their customer base ranges from the small to the large, servicing countries in Europe, North America, Asia, Africa and, of course, New Zealand and Australia.

The Bromic Group have developed a reputation for delivering innovative new designs which allow for maximum efficiency, both in terms of energy use and storage space. They pride themselves on a superior quality of engineering, creating reliable, durable equipment which serves your business for the years to come.

Style and practicality are two things that are at the forefront of Bromic production. Not only will your business enjoy their well-built, specially-designed commercial fridges and freezers, but their range includes a variety of aesthetic styles. From chic stainless steel looks, to the timeless, clean look of white appliances, Bromic Refrigeration have the right style of equipment to suit the look of any business.

Bromic Refrigeration is an ideal supplier of commercial fridges and freezers, whether you own a trendy restaurant, quaint café or supermarket. If you’re looking to invest in a Bromic product, get in touch with our team at Flexikitch. We’re one of Australia’s leading full-service hospitality financiers and can provide you with everything your business needs to succeed. Contact Flexikitch today to check out the Bromic range.