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Culinaire Kitchen Products

Owned by Stoddart, alongside its sister brand Woodson, Culinaire is a renowned Australian brand which specialises in manufacturing commercial kitchen products. If you’re thinking of investing in Culinaire equipment for your business’s kitchen, there are a ton of great reasons to do so.

Culinaire’s rich history as manufacturers in commercial kitchen equipment has humble beginnings. In 1950s Queensland, the Stoddart family were just starting their venture into the stainless steel industry. The Stoddart family consisted of expert sheet metal tradesmen, who had perfected the art of building with steel. The Stoddarts began creating custom solutions for Queensland kitchens – where restaurants and pubs needed to feed hungry punters. For the past 60 years, Culinaire has constantly been adapting to the changing Australian kitchen climate and improving their stainless steel products.

The Culinaire range is ultra diverse. Alongside their famous bain-maries and hot cupboards, the Culinaire catalogue also includes innovative hot food displays, cold food displays, heated wells, refrigerated wells, banquet carts and much more. As a family-owned and operated Australian business, Culinaire are experts on the Aussie retail and hospo climate, tailoring their products to suit it. Their products are built for years of everyday use, promising durability and supreme engineering.

Perfect for those who are serious about the food and drink industry, Culinaire products will look great and work fantastically in your new restaurant, café, hotel, bar or any other environment. If you’re looking to invest in a product from Culinaire, chat with our team at Flexikitch. We’re one of Australia’s leading full-service hospitality financiers and can provide you with the equipment your business needs to thrive. Contact Flexikitch today to check out the Culinaire range.