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Everlasting Commercial Refrigeration

Everlasting is a renowned brand of commercial refrigeration products which are loved and used all over the world. From quaint cafes in Northern Italy, to 5-star restaurants in New York, Everlasting products are a global favourite for restaurateurs. Let’s learn more about the Everlasting brand, its history and its quality product range in this post.

Like many great brands of commercial refrigeration, Everlasting was established in Italy, post-World War II. Founder Giovanni Guidetti and his family set to work producing quality refrigeration cabinets to meet the growing demand for local food service companies. Since then, the Everlasting team has gone from making refrigerators and refrigerated benches to becoming a global player in commercial kitchen equipment, boasting a huge range of products.

Today, their product catalogue includes innovative products such as blast chillers, cabinets, tables, cold rooms, and a full scope of other commercial kitchen products. The philosophies of Everlasting are classically Italian in the sense that elegance, combined with magnificent engineering, should always be at the head of operations. This results in a reliable, quality product that looks chic, and adds to a positive work atmosphere in your kitchen.

Everlasting products are much like the name suggests: they’re durable and can be used for a multitude of different environments. Whether you’re operating a hotel, restaurant, café, pizzeria, ice-creamery or something totally different, Everlasting products are a solid contender for your next fit-out. If you’re looking to invest in Everlasting equipment, chat with our team at Flexikitch. We’re one of Australia’s leading full-service hospitality financiers and can provide you with the equipment your business needs to thrive. Contact Flexikitch today to learn more about the range at Everlasting.