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We believe in the Australian dream of business ownership
and we endeavour to provide you with the right tools without
compromising your financial freedom.


Flexikitch is a full-service hospitality financier. We've built our philosophy around sharing risk and supporting our customers' businesses as they change and grow.

Running a hospitality business is no simple task, and we want to help you on the journey. We pride ourselves on finding you the right solutions for your business, and our finance product is developed with this one goal in mind. We aim to provide you with a solution that does not impede your financial freedom.

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Flexikitch Finance

Kitting out a commercial kitchen requires the expertise and experience of a professional chef or restaurateur. Knowing what equipment is needed, what will fit into the space–and how to use it–is essential in order to run a business in the food industry. But there’s one critical step to be considered before you even set about choosing your equipment; it's actually getting the finance for the equipment. Few people have enough cash lying around to buy restaurant equipment outright; typically finance for a restaurant would come from investors or banks. With Flexikitch finance, however, financing your restaurant equipment is that much easier.

How Flexikitch Finance Works

Banks don’t have the same insider knowledge we have, which is why we are perfectly positioned to tailor your financial solution to your needs. Traditionally, you would buy your equipment based on recommendations and persuasive marketing. A better way to choose your equipment is by getting advice from food industry professionals and renting your equipment first. To start off, you select your equipment, pay a deposit, and pay your weekly rental fee. This way, you get to work with the equipment and ensure that you have selected the correct item before you commit. With our rent to own option, after a minimum of 12 months, you can purchase your rental outright. If you prefer, you can continue to rent your item for three years, at which point your rental becomes your own professional kitchen equipment. This way, you know what you’re getting.

Flexikitch Finance Perks

Unlike traditional financial institutions, Flexikitch offers you the flexibility to upgrade or downgrade your equipment whenever you need to. Whether you have selected equipment too conservatively and you need greater capacity, or if you need to streamline your kitchen, you can upgrade or downgrade your kitchen equipment as required. If you are initially renting your equipment from us, it’s easy for us to tailor your rental equipment to your requirements as your business responds to the market. This not-so-little perk ensures that you are not stuck with equipment which isn’t suited to your needs, and you don’t have to sell the item to buy another more suitable one.

Flexikitch Saves the Day

No matter what industry you are in and no matter what equipment you use, technical difficulties are part of life. Downtime can be debilitating, though. To keep your kitchen cooking, Flexikitch rentals come with breakdown service cover over the course of the contract - even if the equipment is no longer under the manufacturer’s warranty. This added perk ensures you aren’t left to starve when things don’t go according to plan. You simply give us a call, and we will send a technician over to get your equipment back up and running in no time.

Why Use Flexikitch Finance

Whether you are building an establishment from the ground up or growing your business, your primary objective (on par with customer satisfaction) is to preserve your cash flow. Even if you are lucky enough to get funding or a bank loan, that money needs to last at least until your business has found its feet. By using Flexikitch Finance, you are able to secure the equipment you need without tying all your money up. If you opt to merely rent equipment, you will be left with nothing after three years. With Flexikitch, the money you spend renting equipment is not lost because you can buy it outright–at a reduced price–after a year or continue to rent for a further three years until you own the equipment. Should you choose to buy your equipment outright, your day-to-day finances are negatively impacted, leaving you with little wiggle room for emergencies.

More than a flexible way to buy professional foodservice equipment, Flexikitch offers personalised service. We have real-life experience working in the foodservice industry, making it easier to recommend equipment. With our professional fleet, we can move and store your equipment nationally. We offer a vast range of professional kitchen equipment for refrigeration, warewashing, cooking, display, coffee, and various other appliances. For more advice or information, get in touch with us, or skip right ahead and give our finance calculator a go.