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Frymaster Fryers

It’s often said that even though some kitchens may serve similar food and use similar appliances to do so, no two kitchens are the same. This is one of the key philosophies of the Frymaster brand, in which versatility plays a massive role in their range of quality fryers. Frymaster products could be exactly what you’re looking for, so let’s delve deeper into what they have to offer.

The team at Frymaster can boast a long, rich history in frying and other kitchen solutions. For 80 years, they’ve carefully honed their craft and innovated their product range to create practical and reliable commercial fryers. They strongly believe that fryers should be versatile machines; whether you’re operating a casual diner or a high-end restaurant, your fryer should be able to meet the needs of anything you cook. That’s why you’ll find Frymaster products in a range of different kitchen environments.

Maximising your productivity is another core focus for the Frymaster engineers. Their fryers are not only reliable and well-built, but also super efficient. Their Oil-Conserving range of fryers take 40% less oil to fill than that of their competitors, while their High Efficiency range of fryers are industry leaders in high production frying. Their Economy range is perfect for commercial kitchens that want a value-for-money fryer.

From casual eateries in Fitzroy, Melbourne, to high end restaurants in Manhattan, Frymaster products are ubiquitous – and for a reason. If you want to join the thousands of other restaurants that utilise Frymaster products, chat with our team at Flexikitch. We’re proud to be one of Australia’s finest full-service hospitality financiers, providing you with the equipment your business needs to thrive. Contact Flexikitch today to learn more about Frymaster products.

Frymaster Fryers