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Mavam Espresso Machines

Australians can never get enough coffee. We’re a nation that have learned to drink it every day, and can tell what makes coffee good and what makes it bad. So, to satisfy a particularly hard-to-please market of coffee drinkers, you need a fantastic coffee set of coffee-brewing equipment.

This is where Mavam enters the picture. Mavam manufacture top quality coffee making equipment for hospitality businesses that are serious about their coffee. With a small team of experts, boasting a collective 30 years of experience, the team at Mavam have a scientific approach to the art of making good coffee.

Their original goal was to create coffee equipment that would achieve consistency across temperature, flavour and texture and would remain easy to clean. Mavam have since created a range of products such as the Cupping Gun, which brings temperature-stable water to the cupping table.

As one of the most innovative teams in the coffee-making industry today, Mavam also pride themselves on the outstanding build quality of their products. Constructed from high grade components in Seattle, USA, Mavam coffee supplies offer reliability and durability, meaning you can count on making a consistently great cup of coffee, each and every time. The Mavam brand has expanded to reach outposts on many different continents – one of the most popular being Australia.

Mavam coffee equipment is a great solution if you’re interested in the highest quality gear on the market. If you’re thinking of purchasing a Mavam product, chat with the team at Flexikitch. We’re proud to be one of Australia’s finest full-service hospitality financiers, providing you with the equipment your business needs to thrive. Contact Flexikitch today to learn more about the Mavam brand.