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Open Display

How open display's work

Open display refrigeration works by circulating cold air up the back and top of the products placed in the case. Cold air is then recirculated through the bottom front grill which provides a natural circulation of cold air through the unit.

However, they can be very temperamental and sensitive to the environment. A key to optimal usage is how they are used, and where they are placed. A few simple do’s and don’ts which will help you maintain temperature, performance and energy efficiency in your open display are as follows.

1. Correct placement of your Open Display fridge

It is important to consider the placement of Open Display refrigeration as external air flow and potential drafts on the air curtain will cause the unit to malfunction.

Ideal airflow

The cold air in the front interfaces with the warm air so any movement of warm air into the case will affect performance.

Interrupted airflow

Additional air flow coming into the unit from a fan, air conditioner, doorway, or a window draft can have a dramatic effect on the fridges ability to maintain temperature.

2. Correct placement of products in your open display fridge.

Another cause of energy inefficiency is if the front grill is blocked by products. The fridge begins to take in ambient air instead which causes the motor to work harder. It is critical that the flow of return air is not blocked as this doesn’t just overwork the machinery, but may cause the temperature to fluctuate.

3. Spacing products in your open display fridge

Another simple way to improve performance is to leave gaps between some of the products.

Ideal airflow

Leaving gaps between the products allows for even cooling and allows the machine cool faster using less energy.

Interrupted airflow

When items are arranged too close together, there are no gaps for airflow to surround the product. This would cause the fridge to work harder to chill the product in the center and reduce energy efficiency.







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