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Tecfrigo Commercial Kitchen Refrigeration

Tecfrigo are an industry leader in commercial kitchen refrigerators and food storage units. Based in Italy, Tecfrigo have been manufacturing and retailing quality commercial food storage products since the 1980s and are well-known for their chic, stylish designs and top notch engineering.

Since 1980, Tecfrigo have been kicking goals in food storage supplies. Having been established in Italy over 40 years ago, they’ve since created two other brands, Cold Master and Frost Emily: a testament to their ever-improving and expanding nature.

Driven to deliver outstanding hot, cold and neutral commercial kitchen equipment, Tecfrigo offer practical supplies with a twist. European elegance and charm is incorporated into all of their designs – take the Isola salad bar, for example, which has a dark walnut trim to give it a distinctly retro and quaint appeal. So, not only will your Tecfrigo products feature top quality engineering, but they’ll also give your business a unique continental flair.

Special attention is paid to the engineering of Tecfrigo products. The construction of components is done meticulously, along with the selection of raw materials. From start to finish, quality control is crucial to the Tecfrigo way of manufacturing great kitchen supplies. Their range includes salad bars, fridgers, freezers, wine bars and more.

Perhaps some of the most stylish and trendy examples of commercial kitchen equipment in the modern era, Tecfrigo guarantee good looks and reliability in their range of products. If you’re looking to invest in a Tecfrigo product, you should speak with our team at Flexikitch. We’re proud to be one of Australia’s leading full-service hospitality financiers, providing you with the equipment your business needs to thrive. Contact Flexikitch today to learn more about Tecfrigo and how their products could benefit your business.