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Flexible options to rent and own professional kitchen equipment  

Flexikitch specialises in renting commercial kitchen equipment for restaurant, hospitality and retail businesses, with user-friendly financing options and priority ongoing servicing of your rental equipment. We also offer an extensive range of quality new or ex-rental equipment to suit your business needs. The team of professionals at Flexikitch ensure that the entire process is smooth and seamless, with an expert to assist you in selecting the best hospitality equipment and finance method for your business needs and arrange prompt delivery so you can get up and running sooner.

• Quality Equipment
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All in one place to help you get started and grow.  

Rent kitchen equipment now – own it in 3 years!


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Our process is quick and easy with favourable terms. Flexikitch’s rent-to-own model has a 12-month minimum term, after that, you can purchase any time or continue to rent. After 3 years of continuous rental you will own the equipment outright.

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We deliver and install your equipment promptly, with ongoing service and maintenance for the life of your rental and the freedom to upgrade or downgrade at any time.

What Our Customers Love About Us

Alex’s team makes sure everything's serviced, working correctly, that we're not paying too much. It's their personalised service that makes them the best - they’ll come out, take measurements, work out what will fit and what will display the food best, what will help us sell more.

Marketplace Fresh

Flexikitch provides businesses with flexibility. They take care of the customers and want to work together with you. Arthur has given us a lot of advice, he always recommends the right product for us.

The Hatter & The Hare

Flexikitch understands our business model, they know what is important to us and they make it happen. Having that two-way relationship creates values for us and we believe that this is key to having a long-term relationship with all suppliers.

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  1. What can Flexikitch do for me?
    In a word – flexibility. Flexikitch offers a massive range of commercial kitchen equipment with options to:
     • Rent or buy outright
     • Purchase new or second hand
     • Upgrade or downgrade your rental equipment as your business needs change.   
  2. Do you have the equipment I need?
    Every restaurant or retail outlet needs quality professional kitchen equipment to thrive. Our wide selection includes everything from ovens, dishwashers and glasswashers to fryers, blenders, juicers, food display cabinets and lots more. 
  3. Should I buy or rent kitchen equipment?
    Every business is different, and we can work with you to find the most cost-effective and beneficial option for your needs. Many businesses find the benefits of our rent-to-own model far outweigh the benefits of buying new or second hand equipment. 
  4. What are the benefits of renting kitchen equipment?
    Having high quality, efficient equipment helps hospitality businesses stay ahead of their competitors, and lowers labour and energy costs. However it can be costly to purchase catering and kitchen equipment outright, that’s where Flexikitch can help. Our rent-to-own model protects your cashflow and gives flexibility and peace of mind, offering:
     • short minimum term of just 12 months
     • option after 12 months to purchase at any time • own the equipment outright after 3 years’ continuous rental
     • upgrade or downgrade at any time*
     • comprehensive warranty included* – if it breaks down, we’ll fix it.  
  5. What sets Flexikitch apart from other finance providers?
    The team at Flexikitch want you and your business to succeed. We've built our philosophy around sharing risk and supporting our customers' businesses as they change and grow. Take advantage of these benefits: 

     • Flexikitch is the only equipment financier offering ongoing service and maintenance for the life of your rental.
    • Expert advice from dedicated equipment specialists every step of the way to select the most suitable equipment and finance plan for your business and your budget.
    • We’ve got your back – our commercial kitchen equipment finance options give you the ability to downgrade your equipment when things don’t go to plan, or upgrade any time to scale and grow your business.  
  6. I’m opening a new venue, where do I start?
    We can turn your vision into reality because we’ve been in your shoes. We’ve stood behind the espresso machine and over the cooktop. We’ve paced nervously on opening night. And we’ve experienced the buzz of a full house. Tell us your dream and our experienced team of experts will help you bring it to life. 

    Once we know what you want to achieve, we can assist with the fastest and most cost-effective way to get there, whether it’s purchasing your own new or ex-rental equipment, or taking advantage of our unique rent-to-own offering that includes a service warranty for the life of your rental.