• How did some of our more established hospitality and retail clients get started and grow their businesses?  

365 Foodstore

Owner Roy has a whole lot of ideas about healthy eating and what his customers want. Here's how he opened up the doors and keeps things moving.


Nikos Cakes

Denise explains how a small bakery in Oakleigh became a Melbourne Institution. "It’s in our blood. We love it like a family member."


Market Place Fresh

Stephen from Market Place Fresh has built his stores on providing fresh food at the best prices. "We're a family business... I'm happy to be out there in the stores, being part of everything."


Padre Coffee

Marinus from Padre Coffee is constantly learning and uses his past experiences to bring his business to success. "I love building cafes, my staff love building cafes and we love running them.


The Hatter & The Hare

Vinnie from The Hatter & The Hare is always looking out for new ideas. "Everything changes quickly, especially in hospitality! We do a lot behind the scenes to make thing work"


Undercover Roasters

We sit down with Hakan for a cup of coffee and he shares how Undercover Roasters have gone from a cafe in Bendigo to national distributors of coffee.