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  • Flexikitch is a full-service hospitality financier offering personalised equipment solutions and ongoing maintenance and service to a broad range of customers throughout Australia

If you need help get your business off the ground Flexikitch Finance can assist. 

We know what it’s like to turn a vision into reality because we’ve stood behind the espresso machine and over the cooktop. We’ve paced nervously on opening night. And we’ve experienced the buzz of a full house.  


Make decisions with the advice of our experienced sales team


Chose what is best for you with the option to upgrade or downgrade  


Take control of your cashflow with only 10% deposit of total value up front.


Give your business flexibility with a short minimum term  


After 12 months, or own your equipment outright after 3 years  
Choose from a wide range of ex-rental or brand-new hospitality equipment to suit your business needs. We keep the process simple and transparent, and our sales staff will be with you all the way to answer any questions you might have.  

Frequently Asked Finance Questions

  1. Can I purchase equipment outright?
    Yes – we are a dealer of commercial hospitality equipment, with access to suppliers nationally. We will give you the best price we can, and work with you to provide a competitive package.  
  2. What equipment can I finance? 
    Any equipment that is serialised within the hospitality industry, and has an invoice value above $3,000.

     We may limit our standard inclusions for specialised and/or high value appliances
  3. What are my financing options?
    Flexikitch Finance works with a 12-month minimum term. After that, you can continue to rent – and after 3 years of continuous rental you will own the equipment outright.

    We also provide ongoing service cover for your equipment past the manufacturer’s warranty. It’s vital to us that you have a smooth experience, so we extend service cover past the manufacturer’s warranty.
  4. Can I change equipment later?
    Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade equipment at any time, allowing you the flexibility to grow your business.  
  5. How do I get started?
    Complete the form at this link and one of our sales team will get in touch with you.

    Alternatively, head over to this link for pre-approval on finance for equipment up to $20,000 or contact us on 1300 769 161.  


Funding Hospitality Businesses
Accross Australia

We are here to help you on your Journey.

Our Core Services  

We have a wide range of new and ex-rental hospitality equipment, available for purchase or finance.  
We will find you the right finance solutions for your business, that won’t impede your financial freedom.  
Service warranty  
We extend service cover for the lifetime of the rental contract, to ensure your peace of mind.  
Fleet management  
If you are looking to expand your brand presence, our expertise will enable your business to scale to the next level.  

Our Guarantee

Fast & efficient  

We pride ourselves on providing a prompt and efficient delivery service in metropolitan and regional areas throughout Australia.  

Open communication  

Keeping you informed every step of the way is a priority. Once your order has been placed, we'll be in touch several times throughout the delivery process and keep you informed of the anticipated delivery date.  

Safe delivery  

Sensitive freight requires special handling and transportation. That's why we've selected only the best freight companies with a proven track record to handle your equipment.  

In case of damage  

We will happily work with you to resolve any issues to your damaged stock. We will ensure you get a solution you’re satisfied with – and that is our promise.  

We’ve got your back  

If you purchase an item with specific requirements we’ll be in touch prior to delivery. to check that you have the necessary services prior to installation. We aim to help our customers avoid expensive mistakes.  

And that is our guarantee  

If you are ever dissatisfied with a Flexikitch transaction, please contact us and let us know what happened so we can make things right. We’ll start with a complimentary bottle of wine – it’s our way of staying on the ball.  

Our Turnkey Solution

Whether you want to buy new or second hand commercial kitchen equipment, or source finance to get your hospitality or retail business off the ground, Flexikitch offers the right equipment, finance and know-how. We’re business owners too, and we have experienced the struggles of running a hospitality organisation. Our entire product is built to reduce your burden and help you focus on what you need to do. You’re not just a transaction to us, but a story that we’re proud to be a part of – and we want to see you succeed.   

Dedicated Equipment Consultant

Before anything else, we’re equipment specialists. We listen to you and provide a variety of solutions to suit your individual needs and budget requirements. Each customer is assigned a dedicated consultant to guide you at every step. They will work with you to design the layout, select equipment, and follow through all the way to the installation – even figuring out how to get the equipment in the door!  

Finance Option Available

The credit environment is constrained, and there are significant roadblocks to accessing funding. Even if cash flow is tight, we offer in-house funding solutions, with finance approval granted in less than 24 hours.

Finance Benefits

As our name says, customer flexibility is our priority. Our model is designed to help your business scale and grow. Upgrade or downgrade your equipment to suit your business needs at any stage, without penalty. The minimum rental term is 12 months, after which you can purchase at any time. And after 3 years the equipment is yours!

Peace of Mind

Quick, efficient service is a value we treasure and that is our promise to customers. If you’re wanting to buy the equipment outright, we will provide the payout figure before the end of the day. We are also the only equipment financier offering comprehensive warranty on all rental equipment across the industry nationwide. This means that for the duration of rental, if your equipment breaks down we’ll organise and pay for a technician to fix it.

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