Equipment Return Policy

Flexikitch offers one of Australia’s most flexible equipment finance policies. If you do need to return your equipment after the short minimum term you are free to do so. To stay flexible however, we need to charge a small fee to contribute to the expenses involved with professionally cleaning each piece of equipment inside and out, replacing or repairing broken or worn-out components, and servicing so it meets Australian health and safety standards and is as good as new. 

Below is a list of the individual fees each piece of equipment, which must be paid before we collect it. We also appreciate your cooperation on the following terms and conditions:

• Equipment is only eligible to be returned after the minimum term.

• All return requests must be submitted by email to

• The return fee does not include shipping, please ask us for a quote.

• All equipment must be returned in full working order and undamaged other than fair wear and tear, and with all accessories and parts it was supplied with. 

• An extra cleaning fee will be charged if the equipment is excessively dirty.

• All equipment must be un-installed from any fixed services such as electrical, water and gas connections before being collected. Additional costs may apply if technicians need to be organised to disconnect appliances, as well as extra freight charges if units are not ready in time to be collected.

• Equipment ready for collection must be empty and with clear access. Additional costs may apply when where carriers require additional time on site. 

• Do not dismantle any equipment for cleaning prior to collection, this needs to be done by a professional. Your regular servicing and maintenance schedule can prevent additional cleaning fees.  

Return Fees List

Return Fees

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