Rental Equipment Warranty Policy

Flexikitch’s rent to own product provides warranty for mechanical breakdown for all major brands and products for equipment valued at above $1500. Flexikitch is the only company in Australia that provides an industry-wide warranty inclusion within a rent to own or finance rate. This benefit significantly protects our customers against major service costs, and as a general rule most breakdowns are covered under the policy. 

The following terms and conditions apply to Flexikitch’s rental equipment warranty policy.  

  • Products covered under this policy are clearly identified in the schedule of your rental agreement. A tickbox indicates which products are covered under this policy. 
  • Products excluded from Flexikitch Rental Warranty include; all custom made equipment; all specialised and industrial equipment; point of sale equipment; vending machines; coffee machines.
  • Response Times: Service Calls received in business hours (9.00am-5.00pm Monday – Friday) are logged with two hours. Flexikitch aims to have a technician attend within 48 hours of the job being logged.
  • Phones are not monitored after business hours, however all maintenance and repair work can be logged on the website at any time. Jobs reported via the website after business hours will be logged within two hours of opening. 
  • For urgent jobs after business hours, customers may engage their own technician and submit a claim to Flexikitch for the service expense, excluding the after-hours component.
  • Travel time of more than one hour is charged to the customer. 
  • Customer Notifications: Our service team with send notifications to a preferred email or mobile confirming when the job has been logged and when the technician is expected to attend.
  • Charge Back: Where a service request is not covered by the Flexikitch rental equipment warranty policy, Flexikitch will charge the service costs to your rental account via your direct debit authority on 30-day terms. Manufacturer’s Warranty: Flexikitch will utilise the relevant manufacturer’s warranty ahead of Flexikitch warranty policy, and the manufacturer’s warranty does not change the terms of this rental equipment warranty policy.
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty: Flexikitch will utilise the relevant manufacturer’s warranty ahead of Flexikitch warranty policy, and the manufacturer’s warranty does not change the terms of this rental equipment warranty policy

  • Excludes consumable parts such as handles, blinds, washers, door seals, breakage of glass, fluorescent tubes, LED tubes, globes, gaskets. 
  • Excludes cover for maintenance and service required, where general servicing has not been done to replace consumable parts that are expected to be replaced during routine servicing.
  • Excludes Refrigeration repairs when condensers are blocked due to lack of regular maintenance, see our video for how to keep your refrigeration condensers unblocked and extend the operating life of your equipment:
  • Handling, logistics and removal or installation costs incurred when equipment cannot be serviced in situ is not covered under the rental warranty policy.
  • Smoke detector isolation costs are not covered.
  • Consequential and associated costs are not covered or claimable under the rental equipment warranty policy or rental agreement.
  • Breakdowns caused in part or in full by improper use or use not consistent with the manufacturer guidelines as set out in the manufacturer’s user guide or product manual are not covered under the rental warranty policy.
  • Breakdown caused in part of in full by poor cleaning and or a lack of basic maintenance is excluded. Costs charged by the customer’s own technician is excluded unless authorised and approved by Flexikitch.

Loan Equipment
  • Flexikitch may offer to provide loan equipment where rental equipment cannot be repaired within a reasonable time frame. 
  • Where Flexikitch offers loan equipment, logistics and installation costs relating to the loan equipment are excluded. The terms of this policy apply to any breakdowns which may occur on loan equipment. 

Critical Equipment Failure
  • Flexikitch may deem equipment to be unrepairable or uneconomic to repair, “critical failure”.
  • When this occurs, customers are no longer bound by the rental contract terms and conditions applicable to that product, provided the critical failure is not in part or in full attributable to any exclusions under this policy.
  • Flexikitch will offer to replace the equipment on a new rental contract with concessional pricing and concessional change over costs to the customer.
  • Where equipment is unrepairable or uneconomic to repair, Flexikitch is not obliged to replace the equipment at Flexikitch’s cost. The previous benefit of use and enjoyment of the equipment is considered equal to the previous rental paid when a critical failure occurs.