Refund Policy

Definitions All defined terms used in this Refund Policy have the meaning as ascribed to them in the Flexikitch Website Terms and Conditions which can be accessed at Terms and Conditions.

  1. Flexikitch shall only offer a refund or exchange of a Product (as defined in) as set out in this policy and to the extent required by law (including the Australian Consumer Law).
  2. This Refund Policy does not apply to a defective Product. If a Product is defective, the Customer should make a Warranty Claim in accordance with clause 10 of the Flexikitch Website Terms and Conditions.
  3. A Customer must apply for a refund or exchange within seven (7) days after receiving delivery of a Product purchased. (Refund Application). A Refund Application must be made in writing and delivered to and must set out the reasons for which the Customer seeks a refund or exchange.
  4. Flexikitch retains absolute discretion to determine if a refund or exchange should be offered on the merits of each Refund Application. If an incorrect Product has been supplied, Flexikitch will endeavour to provide a fast solution to the Customer. Flexikitch generally does not offer refunds or exchanges as a result of a change in the Purchaser’s personal circumstances.
  5. If Flexikitch determines that it will accept a Refund Application and refund the purchase price or allow an exchange of Product, such exchange or refund will not be made until the original Product to which the Refund Application relates is received by Flexikitch at the expense of the Customer. Flexikitch will bear the costs of returning and redelivering a Product in circumstances where an incorrect Product was supplied in the first instance.
  6. Upon receipt of the Product the subject of the Refund Application, Flexikitch will inspect the Product. Flexikitch will not refund or allow an exchange of a Product where in its sole and reasonable opinion the Product has subsequent to Delivery become of unacceptable quality due to fair wear and tear, misuse, failure to use in accordance with manufacturer's instructions, using it in an abnormal way or failure to take reasonable care.
  7. If following inspect of the Product, Flexikitch agrees to refund or allow an exchange of product, such refund or exchange may be reduced to the value of the Product in the second hand marketplace, at Flexikitch’s sole discretion. Flexikitch will advise the Customer of the value of the refund or exchange as soon as reasonably practicable following its inspection of the Product (Refund Value). A restocking fee may apply to Products accepted for refund or exchange by Flexikitch in accordance with this Returns Policy.
  8. The Customer may elect to accept or reject the Refund Value by notice in writing to If the Customer does not accept the Refund Value it agrees that Flexikitch shall Deliver the Product to it. If the Customer accepts the Refund Value Flexikitch will endeavour to make the refund or exchange within seven (7) days of the Customer’s acceptance of the Refund Value.
  9. The Customer agrees to meet the reasonable shipping expenses incurred by Flexikitch in allowing for a refund or exchange or in Delivering the Product if the Customer does not accept the Refund Value. If an incorrect Product has been supplied, Flexikitch will bear the shipping costs of returning the incorrect Product and delivering the correct Product.