Rental Upgrade/Downgrade Policy

The following terms and conditions apply to Flexikitch’s rental upgrade/downgrade policy.  

  • Equipment cannot be downgraded where there is more than a 50% decrease in the capital value of the original equipment
  • Only equipment at the same physical business operation can be changed under this policy.
  • Equipment Changes are limited to three items per rental contract.
  • Equipment downgrade provides a significant flexibility and must be of a genuine need and intent. Flexikitch may request information to satisfy itself that the downgrade request is reasonable.
  • Equipment Downgrade attracts a $200 cleaning fee per item, which will be charged to the customer’s rental account via direct debit facility on a 30-day account basis.
  • All equipment should be returned in full working order and without damage other than fair wear and tear, and with all accessories and parts it was supplied with.
  • Upgrade or downgrade requests prior to any trading history are considered a change of mind and a 20% restocking fee applies.
  • On collection, equipment must be un-installed from any fixed services such as electrical, water and gas connections. Additional costs may apply where technicians need to be organised to disconnect appliances.
  • On collection, equipment must be empty with clear access provided. Additional costs may apply when where carriers require additional time onsite.