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Blocked Drains

The importance of keeping drains clear.  

A vital component of maintaining Open Display refrigeration is keeping the drain areas clear.

What does the drain do?  

Excellent ventilation and protection from the elements

All open display refrigeration have an interface between warm air and cold air which creates condensation. Condensation is the forming of water molecules which collect and drain to the bottom of refrigeration display areas and need to go somewhere.  

Quick and easy setup

Fridges deal with this by draining all the water inside a fridge into an evaporator pan where water sits until it evaporates over time.  

How does the drain get blocked?  

Open display units tend to be large and have a combination of boxed and open product. This leads to a lot of debris dropping into the bottom area and blocking the drainage system.  

Excellent ventilation and protection from the elements

How do I clear a blocked drain?  

Excellent ventilation and protection from the elements

Getting access to the drain area is as simple as removing the panels inside the bottom of the fridge and lifting parts out of the way.  

Quick and easy setup

At the bottom is the drain, and it is important for this to be kept free. If this drain gets blocked, the area will eventually flood causing water to run out onto the floor and cause mechanical damage to the electrical components.  

NOTE. depending on the design of the fridge, the process may involve cleaning around electrical components. For safety, the fridge should be switched off before beginning the cleaning process.

If you do not routinely unblock and clear the drains, it can potentially lead to faulty machinery, and costly service repairs.