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Condenser Cleaning

  • Frequent condenser cleaning helps extend the lifespan of your fridge

How to clean a Fridge Condensor

Maintaining Fridge Condenser Coils

When a condenser is blocked, air does not circulate and can cause the motor to overheat and run on a short cycle. This can reduce the operational life of the compressor.

Where do I find the Condenser?  

Your condenser may be in a different location, depending on the type and model of refrigeration you have. Generally, they are divided into 3 categories – bottom, top and back mounted.  

Excellent ventilation and protection from the elements


Quick and easy setup


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How do I clean the Condenser?

Once the fridge has been switched off and the panel has been removed and the condenser is exposed, get a soft brush and start brushing across the fins. Do NOT brush horizontally to remove dust as this would close the fins and block airflow. Instead, brush vertically to clear remove thick dust.  

Excellent ventilation and protection from the elements


Brushing parallel to the fins removes dust, and ensures fins are not blocked.

Quick and easy setup

Don't Do

Brushing across the fins closes will close them which prevents air from circulating. This will cause the condenser to overheat and damage it.

Use a compressed air pump to blow air through the condenser. You can get a portable version at your neighborhood DIY store - the key is to get one that is over 100 PSI. Doing this is important as it removes the dust that’s built up inside the condenser.  

Consistently cleaning the condenser helps your fridge run for much longer and helps to reduce maintenance costs over the lifetime of the fridge.